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Reasons why you should Invest in a Solar Powered Generator
Generators are usually used to supply power when the power goes out. But, selecting the right one can be quite daunting as there are so many of them out there to choose from. Before you rush into checking the traditional generators, you may want to think of the solar powered generators. Below are some of the reasons why they are worth investing in.
When you buy a solar powered generators, you can forget about the fuel costs. With a generator that uses gas or propane, you will have to be ready to use much on fuel. If your RV is powered by a generator, it means that you will need to transport the fuel. transporting gas or propane while going for a long trip can be very daunting. But with a solar generators, you will forget about the fuel costs as you will be depending in the sun.
The next reason why you should choose a solar powered generator is that it requires no regular maintenance. With traditional generators, you will need to keep up with maintenance for them to continue operating. For instance, the oil ought to be change whether the machine is running or not. Also, the spark plug will have to be replaced anytime they are worn out. Failure to keep up with the regular maintenance can reduce the lifespan of your generator. This is the more reason you should choose the solar powered generators as even without oil and spark plugs, they would still serve you effectively.
Next, sola powered generators have less moving parts. Traditional generators have many moving oars which makes it easy for something to break. It will therefore call from the need to buy another part and even pay for repair services since you might not have the know-how to do the replacement. You can also be left stranded if the generators is the source of power for your home or RV.
Many of the traditional generators tend to be very loud while in use. When you are taking some fresh air at the backyard, it would be the last thing you will want to hear, You will also constantly get complaints from your neighbors about the loud noise. However, the solar powered generators are calm and this means that you will not have to worry about the bothering other people and you can now enjoy the sound of crickets during the night. Last but not least, a solar powered generator will not always require sunlight to operate. The reason is that they can collect an store enough power for future use.