How Does a Laser Work in Crafting?

Today, laser cutters are becoming increasingly popular among crafters and manufacturers. What was once only available to commercial manufacturers is now available to hobbyists who want to create engraved projects using a variety of materials. Understanding how these lasers work and the types of materials they can be used with is important when crafters are making purchasing decisions.

How Does the Laser Work?

The process of cutting or engraving a material with a laser involves using a high-powered laser beam that is precisely concentrated on a specific spot. The laser first creates an opening into the material and then it flows through the material according to the preset pattern, creating a design by melting some of the material away.

Because the laser can be so precisely controlled, it is able to create intricately detailed images and writing that can be used in a variety of different projects. This machine can be used for both personal hobbyists and manufacturers, with the right level of power and precision for both needs readily available.

What Materials Can Be Used?

When it comes to cutting and engraving materials with a laser, there are a host of materials that can be used. The sky is the limit when it comes to the types of materials that can be used and the designs that can be created. The following are just some of the materials that can be cut or engraved with a laser.

  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Acrylic
  • Wood
  • Photos
  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Stone
  • Fabric

With so many material and design options, all types of projects can be created, from intricately etched glass to carved stone. The laser is so powerful, yet it offers a gentle touch when needed. Users simply choose the presetting that fits the material they need to use.

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