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Getting To Know More About What Aquarium Rocks Really Are All About

When it comes to designing an aquarium, we are sure that you know how there are several important things that you must take into consideration like the aquarium rock. If you want to make sure that the somewhat clinical setup environment of your aquarium will look like an attractive replica of actual natural habitat for fish and plant, you have to see to it that all the aquarium rocks you will use are property chosen, properly prepared and properly positioned as well.

If there is one thing about aquarium rocks that we want you to know of, that would be the fact that they are not all identical and not all of them are suitable for the kind of aquarium you have since there are some that will only work well with certain types of aquarium. This is the very reason why you have to make sure that you are doing some test to check whether or not the aquarium rocks you are placing on your aquarium is safe for your fish and plant. You should know by now that the type of aquarium rocks that you can safely place in your aquarium depends on the kind of fish species and plant species you will place there as well.

For those of you out there who are considering the possibility of having a freshwater aquarium, the most suitable aquarium rock that you can use for it is what we call as inert rock. Speaking of inert rocks, this is a term that is commonly used in reference to a group of rock that has something to do with the following types of rocks: quartz, basalt, shale, obsidian, sandstone and coal as well. As what its name implies, these are the types of rocks that do not affect the chemistry of the water. That is why inert rocks are the best choice when it comes to freshwater aquariums.

On the other hand, if you are planning on having a hard water aquarium or brackish aquarium that is intended for the rise of the pH level or hardness of the water without resorting to the use of chemical, we suggest that you make use of calcerous rocks. Calcerous rocks are the best options for this due to the fact that these types of rocks have the ability to raise the hardness of the water and alter its pH level as well. These types of rocks are the direct opposite of inert rocks which are commonly utilized for freshwater aquariums. Several varieties of Calcerous rocks come in the form of limestone, marble as well as chalk.

That is why, as much as possible, you have to make sure you conduct your own research because this will greatly help you in determine which among these two categories of aquarium rocks offer the types of rocks you should use for your aquarium.

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